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General PTA Meetings are held monthly.Specific agenda items, speakers and programs are communicated via e-mail.

Executive Board Meetings are also held monthly. All PTA members are invited to attend Executive Board meetings, but only Board members may vote on agenda items.

Class Parent meetings are held as deemed necessary.

PS 183’s PTA is highly involved and highly active as advocates for students and families and leads fundraising efforts in support of the school’s educational programs and community efforts. The PTA serves as a catalyst for maintaining the warm, nurturing, inclusive community which is so important in educating our children.

All families of 183 students are automatically part of the PTA.

Current members

The PTA is governed by bylaws which are updated as needed in keeping with the Chancellor’s A-660 regulation. The bylaws are available in the PTA office.



Co-President Melanie Russo

Co-President Julie Clarke

Co-VP Amy  Kornbluth

Co-VP Alana  Wodnicki

Co-Secretary Yoming Lin

Co-Secretary Brooke Tishler

Co-Treasurer John Cecil

Co-Treasurer Ann Lerma

Co-Treasurer Michael Rosen


Executive Board:

E-board Delegate Allison Le

E-board Delegate April Quinn

E-board Delegate Beth Cavalier

E-board Delegate Deborah Malkoff-Cohen

E-board Delegate Jamie Zucker

E-board Delegate Jessica Margolies

E-board Delegate Joanna Brumberger

E-board Delegate Kathleen Bubb

E-board Delegate Rachel Hirsch

E-board Delegate Tiffanee McCarney

E-board Delegate Tina Seliger

E-board Delegate Vanessa Zelenski


Questions or Suggestions?

Email us at

Interested in volunteering or getting more involved in school events?

Email us at


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