The PTA raises approximately $500K per year which pays for Assistant Teachers, Substitute Teachers and essential items such as performing arts, enrichment programs and professional development for the teachers. These programs are NOT paid for by the Department of Education and are funded exclusively through the donations of PS 183 families. If everyone pitches in, we can get it done together.

The suggested donation is $1,400 for children in grades K-2 and $900 for children in Pre-K and grades 3-5; however, we encourage you to give any amount your family is able to give. All donation sizes are appreciated and work toward our school-wide goal of 100% participation. All donations to the PTA Family Giving Fund are tax-deductible to the fullest allowed by the law.

Gifts of any size are welcome and appreciated. We have families who give $100 and families who give $5,000+. Every Dollar Counts!

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