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Drama Kids International is a worldwide program with more than 50,000 students enrolled in 25 countries. With over 30 years of experience, we specialize in building self-confidence, public speaking skills, creative thinking and problem-solving skills in young children through fun drama activities. Our mission is to develop articulate and expressive young individuals with dynamic presentation skills. Students who speak out clearly and relate confidently with peers develop skills that make the journey through life much easier.


Our rich curriculum has new activities each week. Activities include speech exercises to help children speak more clearly and confidently, short plays to develop an understanding of plot structure, character development and stage presence, improvisation exercises to help children think faster and better on their feet, scene development to allow children to create and perform their own work, dance dramas to tell stories through the use of facial expressions and body movements, and games to improve concentration and teamwork. Each week, your child will have fun new adventures and many opportunities to unleash his/her creativity. There is a parent day presentation at the end of each semester (Fall & Spring). The Spring semester curriculum builds on the Fall semester with different lessons. Come join us on our adventures and let’s set the stage for your child’s success!


“I enrolled my son in Drama Kids kindergarten through fifth grade, in the hopes that he would have the speaking skills that I lacked! Drama Kids exceeded my expectations. Not only can my son speak and present comfortably in front of large groups of unknown people, but he is also equipped with the ability to think on his feet creatively and ad lib. My son took up debate this year, and performed amazingly well – he is the City Champion (NYC), the Borough Champion (Manhattan) and came in fourth in the State Championships (NYS). I knew that Miss Ying (his Drama Kids instructor) had a part in his success.”


– Elizabeth U., parent of P.S. 183 student who took Drama Kids 6 consecutive years
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