Math Corner

As a part our school’s ongoing goal of enriching the math learning for our students, we are kicking off a new monthly program, Math All-Stars. The goals of the monthly questions are to provide additional opportunities for students to be challenged, to apply mathematical knowledge and concepts, develop problem solving strategies, and to use higher order thinking skills.  These problems provide a forum in which students can develop persistence and that there is not one right way in solving mathematical problems.  Building from ideas, experience and mistakes leads to greater understanding.

Each month math challenge problems will be posted to the website (Under Curriculum & Resources – Math Corner) as well as to the math bulletin board (4th floor east hallway). These problems are posted for students to work on at home independently and then submitted to the answer drop box (4th floor east hallway) for “math credits” by the last day of the month.There are 4 different levels of math challenges, 1 star, 2 stars, 3 stars and 4 stars. Students are welcome to try and submit answers for any level, regardless of grade. Please choose a level that is appropriate for your student to work on independently.

Please review the “How to Help Your Child” document below to support your child at home with these problems (or any math problem.)