Your family & neighbors need to Vote in NYC Participatory Budgeting.

March 25 - April 2   In person or Online: 

(Online voting link will be open on March 25th-When you visit the site you need to create a log-in account.)

Your vote can fund a PS 183 Green Science STEM Lab Classroom

Voting is quick, easy and free!

Everyone 14 years old and up (including foreign residents) in City Council District 5 can vote. 

WHAT:  The money will help build a  new state of the art science and technology classroom including hydroponic planting systems. Children will learn about biology and the environment using a tested curriculum that meets NY standards and gets kids excited about science, nature, technology, nutrition and more. The space will be a resource for entire school community.


HOW:  By winning funding through New York City’s Participatory Budget (PB) process. If you live in District 5, regardless of citizenship, you can vote and help improve our school and community.

WHY PS 183?  PS 183 is a great public school surrounded by world-class medical and scientific institutions. Many of our families are passionate about science. Our budding scientists need better equipment and will benefit from new curriculum. A large capital project such as this requires funding outside the school system. With your vote, we can continue to help our students excel and make our community greener.

To learn more about what this could like at P.S. 183- Visit NY Sun Works!