Mission Statement

Our school's mission is to serve and benefit from the diversity of our community. Our academically rigorous and child-centered approach to instruction is designed to meet the needs of our individual students. To support our mission:

  • We tap into the many resources of our multi-faceted community
  • We provide the resources, materials, and professional development to ensure high quality instruction
  • We maximize the expertise which each teacher can contribute to his/her classroom
  • We present a comprehensive and rigorous instructional program, which addresses the needs of individual students

Principal's Note

Dear PS183 Families~


The beginning of a new school year is always an exciting time-a time for children to look forward to learning new skills, gaining new knowledge, and meeting new friends.

This year, we've instituted some exciting new opportunities:
  • Enrichment Electives (EE) will provide students with an opportunity to explore their interests that lie beyond the scope of normal classroom curriculum. Teachers, partnership organizations, and interested and motivated volunteers from the community will offer once-a-week courses to our students on Friday afternoons. For the 2015-2016 school year, we will launch 'EE' in October and offer three, nine week cycles. Students will take home a menu of offerings that they will rank and return to their teacher. By implementing enrichment electives we will build upon our beliefs that learning is an engaging and authentic process for students and adults. By students self-selecting their electives it further reinforces our commitment to student independence while valuing choice, curiosity and inquiry! We will send home a flyer early September to see if any families have a special talent/passion that they would like to teach as an enrichment offering.
  • The PTA Officers and I are thrilled to welcome Simply Sports to our recess program. Renewing our commitment to provide additional adult support during this fun-filled, busy time we have partnered with Simply Sports for the 2015-2016 school year.  Simply Sports fosters the values of integrity, fair play, teamwork, mutual respect while promoting fun and enjoyment for every participant!
  • Our school instructional focus will continue to delve deeper into "Independence" and the transfer of learning. We plan to increase our emphasis on mathematics. Teachers will study math routines that evolve over the course of the year that strengthen students' mental math abilities. I firmly believe that with a strong commitment to math, combined with a focus on increasing students mental math abilities while fostering independence, we will further enrich the mathematic abilities of our students. I look forward to sharing more specifically our action plan towards this at Curriculum Night and dedicated PTA meetings.


As many of you may know, Jennifer Leventhal will continue her child-care leave. I'm thrilled to announce Kim Banks as Acting Assistant Principal. Kim has previously taught upper and lower grades, ICT, and Science as a specialty teacher. Her range of experiences and familiarity with our wonderful community make her an ideal candidate. She's already begun to transition into her new role for a seamless, smooth start of the school year.I look forward to working alongside her in her new role and together bringing PS183 to remarkable levels.


Continuing tradition, I've enclosed in this year's mailing a "Save the Date" magnet to post on your refrigerator. There are always numerous events happening at 183! The Weekly Treasure and a monthly calendar, sent home in back pack mail, are two ways we strive to share school-wide events. My hope is that these two flyers, along with visiting our school website, reading our 183 Times publication, and the frequent communication from class parents and teachers will be your "go-to" resources throughout the year. In addition, I'm pleased to launch "183 Principal Notes" where monthly I will send an e-newsletter with highlights of the exciting learning taking place in and out of classrooms.


In addition, on the first day of school you'll receive a back to school folder filled with all the information you'll need to get the school year started. The 2015-2016 Family Handbook will be included in this folder and will be your guide for all school wide procedures and protocols... and perhaps things you never thought you needed to know! I encourage you to read it thoroughly and carefully to get to know the contents as it contains many answers to the questions you will have throughout the school year. There will also be a welcome letter from Patricia Correge and Susan Kerker Small, our PTA co-presidents. Be sure to be involved and support the many events they facilitate to ensure 183 continues to be the thriving, welcoming environment it is. We are looking forward to an exciting and productive year where students make real strides and achieve big things. I encourage you to take a hands-on approach at PS183.