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  • Winter Recess Guidelines

    As we enter into the winter season, we believe outdoor recess is an important and valuable part of the student’s day. Fresh air, exercise and time spent outside afford students a break from the structure of the classroom. However, because there are times when it is not safe for children to be outdoors, we will be following the guidelines listed below to determine whether we will have inside or outside recess. 

     It will be imperative that your child is dressed appropriately (jackets, gloves, and hats) for the cold weather and prepared to play outdoors. 


    Assume that recess will be outside unless:

    -It is raining or snowing.

    -Dangerous ice conditions exist.

    -The wind chill factor (at the time of your child's recess) produces an effective temperature below 0 degrees Fahrenheit.


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  • Help us to avoid congestion!!

    Our second floor hallway is overcrowded at drop-off and pick-up outside our K classrooms.

    Please help us by leaving promptly when dropping off and picking up your child

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  • Proof of absence

    If you are planning a trip that will result in your child missing school, please remember to forward proof of travel such as an e-ticket or itinerary to Elizabeth Hebner ehebner@schools.nyc.gov in the Main Office and include your child's name, class and dates they will be absent.

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  • The online application period for K has begun

    Even if your child is currently attending our pre-K, you must fill out a kindergarten application by February 23rd. 

    Visit www.schools.nyc.gov/kindergarten

    Call 718-935-2400

    or Go to the Borough Enrollment Office,

    333 7th Avenue on the 12th Floor

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  • Picture Day Re-takes have been re-scheduled for Tuesday, January 17th!

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  • Mid-Winter Break No School

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  • Executive Board Meeting

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  • your child's classroom

    Math Morning for K, 2nd & 4th Grade

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  • Your child's classroom

    Math Morning for 1st, 3rd & 5th Grade

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  • PS 183 Spring Benefit Auction

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